Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well the price went up!

I knew that it was going to happen sooner or later but I knew that I would never really be ready for it! Yes the price of the cigarettes went up (to about $1.50 when you buy a carton).

Does this want me to want to quit smoking? No.

I'm sure that its going to want to make more people stop smoking and you probably wonder why it hasn't stopped me. Even if I couldn't afford to buy a whole carton I would still buy enough cigarettes with what money I did have. Besides if the price of cigarettes can go up then my income/salary should go up to (although it doesn't always work that way).

Of course it makes me wonder just how much they are going to continue to raise the price of cigarettes and what are the people that can't afford it going to do. Not everyone can stop "cold turkey" and a lot of people don't want to stop at all but if they can't afford to buy them then what are they going to do?

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